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biodynamisk kraniosakral behandling, bioenergiterapi og gravidmassasje

Berit Børte, Your Natural potential, tilbyr Biodynamisk kraniosakralbehandling, Bioenergiterapi og Gravidmassasje hos oss alle hverdager. 

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metafascial massasje, chakrabalansering og reiki, hot stone massasje og dypt energi arbeid, thai massasje

MetaFascial Massage™

She offers her unique blend of Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Reiki and Intuitive Energy Work in what she calls MetaFascial Massage. This custom massage is client-centered healing at it’s core, to release the deeper emotional holding patterns in the muscle and connective tissue.

60/90 min 1000kr/1200kr

Chakra Balancing & Reiki sessions

Purely energy work sessions, these are done with the client fully clothed, using Chakra stones to help focus awakening and balancing the energy to help the client feel rejuvenated and peaceful.

60/90min 800kr/1000kr

Hot Stone Massage with Deep Energy Work

Using warm stones to deeply heat the muscles, this combination of Swedish massage and energy work is the ultimate relaxation massage.

60/90 min 900kr/1100kr

Thai Massage

Often referred to as “passive yoga”, this massage can be done on the table or on mats on the floor. This session focuses on gentle muscle compression and deep stretching to increase flexibility and open the joints.

90 min. 1200kr

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